Amatörernas afton

Published by Optimal Press, 2004. “Amatörernas afton” is a collection of six short stories. They are about people who can’t make up their minds. Some who cant’ uphold a professional attitude. Some who keep falling on the finishing line. One could call them amateurs, because they are not professional enough. They are, among others, a girl who would like to stop thinking all the time. A man with too many experiences. A woman, who is a mother, but falls too much in love. One, who is transparent, and one who needs to expose himself in nature. Furthermore there is one, who has an annoying voice and who burns her ships. Do they know what’s best for them? An amateur is a lover. But it’s also someone who doesn’t make a living on what she does. Or what she is passionate about.

amatörernas afton


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